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I knew there was a reason, besides a good friend’s recommendations, that I used Cunningham. Thank you, Cunningham Movers for making my move a pleasure and stress free as possible!— John Thomas, San Francisco

We were very impressed by the way [your crew] handled this job: they came on time, worked with speed, care and efficiency, and managed to unload everything at the destination with dispatch despite some narrow hallways and doors. We were also pleased to note that the job took less time than expected, and that the charge turned out to be correspondingly lower than the one you had quoted us. — Bernard M. Rosenthal, Booksellers, Berkeley

My warm thanks again for such a wonderful job you and your fabulous crew did on our personal move. I have always referred you and always my clients are so appreciative and complimentary.— Betty Taisch, Coldwell Banker

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the great service your company gave me recently when moving some family furniture across the country to my home in Mill Valley. Since some pieces were antiques going back to the early-mid nineteenth century, I was especially concerned about handling. My concerns were unwarranted. The price was very reasonable, and the service great.— Dick Bransford, Allen Business Investments

Your company moved me from San Leandro to Oakland. I wanted to write a quick note to tell you that everything went smoothly due to the care, friendliness and professionalism of [your crew]. The guys were with me for many hours that day, tackling many, many stairs, very heavy items, and some challenging spots, remaining always cheerful and helpful.— Mark McGrath, Oakland

The three gentlemen you sent to move our furniture could not have been more polite and competent. It was a pleasure working with them. I also want to thank you, Mr. Cunningham, for meeting with me and going through the entire process. Your quote was most reasonable and as predicted, the actual cost of the move was substantially less than the maximum quoted.— Randolph Ferguson, San Francisco

[We are] a European based company that manufactures and sells computers…We have been busy launching our brand and ramping up business here in the U.S., no small challenge. It was great to be able to reconnect with Cunningham Movers for our office move today. We will be sure to be in touch for future needs as well.— Wendy Darling, Manager Business Operations, San BrunoI wish to express my appreciation to you for your company’s less-than-24-hour response to my client’s moving needs and for the outstanding job done by your crew.— Paula Spooner, Transitions Inc. Hillsborough

We are expecting a baby soon and were nervous about moving at this important time in our lives. We did not have to worry because [your crew] took care of everything. They were professional and extremely helpful.— Kirstin Durkin, San Francisco

Everything proceeded like clockwork the entire day. [Your crew] were very hard workers, extremely polite towards us all, and they didn’t break a single item. They moved the household into the new residence with patience and considerable sensitivity towards my 90-year-old mother-in-law. I was incredibly impressed with their efficiency and expertise. Your company far surpassed our expectations, and set an upbeat tone for the entire transition to the new home. I can’t thank you all enough.— Ruth Kaplan, San Rafael

I have moved only a few times in my life, and have never in the past found it enjoyable. This time, with Cunningham, the move went very smoothly and I was very pleased with every aspect of the move. Since then I’ve been telling all my friends in the Bay Area, if you have to move, you’ll be treated right by Cunningham. As it turns out, some of my friends have used Cunningham, and to a person everyone has been impressed and very pleased with the service.— Iris Akana, Ashland Oregon

We have spent the past five days working closely with Max and five other guys moving the contents of a 5000 square-foot house that has been continuously occupied for nearly 30 years into another house of similar size.
Two large trucks and six men worked full-time. They packed hundreds of boxes and carried numerous very heavy items, including a piano, couches, and lots of large artwork.
All of this was being moved from a five-story house with over 70 steps from the top floor to the street.
All of it was moved into a four-story house with tight stairway turns.  A number of the larger items had only inches of clearance and yet there’s not a single scuff mark on the walls.
Not a single item was even slightly damaged and they were unfailingly friendly, polite, and never stopped working.
Excellent communication every step of the way.
How these men manage to do such incredibly heavy labor on a daily basis will astound us to the end of our days.
We cannot recommend them highly enough.
—Long-time San Francisco residents

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