Moving Insurance Info

We offer several plans for insuring your shipment.

Every move we do has complimentary insurance, regulated by the Public Utilities Commission, where we will cover you for up to $.60 per pound for any loss or damage based on the weight of the item. While this is a basic service, we do offer two far more comprehensive plans for coverage.

The first of these plans is Full Replacement Value. This coverage means that we will repair any item that has been damaged to its original condition, replace that item, or reimburse you for the full cost it would take to replace whatever item has been lost, at its current market value, up to a level you choose minus a deductible also of your choice.

Another plan we offer is Actual Cash Value where we will reimburse you based on the depreciated value of your goods again with a limit and deductible of your choice. Please consider, however, before you choose this option that the depreciated value of your goods might be significantly less than what it would take to replace those items at current market value.

We are committed to making sure that your move goes without incident; however, we offer these plans to further your peace of mind. Please contact us if you would like further details or the rates on any of these options.

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Moving Insurance Information
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